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Greg Wootton talks Lion Fight 26 title bout against Tetsuya Yamato

Greg Wootton is one of the UK's top fighters and on November 20 he brings his talents from across the pond to Connecticut for Lion Fight 26. He will attempt to win the Loin Fight Super Lightweight title from current champion Tetsuya Yamato

Greg has a technical yet aggressive style which should result in an exciting fight with Yamato. The KO Gym fighter will be making his second appearance on American soil and will be looking for another high profile victory. He has earned victories over Petchboonchu F.A. Group and Rungrat Sasiprapa that have garnered him international attention, and capturing the Lion Fight Super Lightweight Championship will only add to his already increasing profile.

Greg was kind enough to do an interview with us here at Muay Thai Authority where we talked about his upcoming fight, his training, how he got into Muay Thai and more.

MTA: Big fight with Tetsuya Yamato coming up. Do you change your training camp based on your opponent or is it pretty much the same each time?

Greg Wootton: Yes big fight against Yamato. It's for his belt and he is a warrior so it will be a challenge.

MTA: When it comes to analyzing video on your opponent, does that play a big part in your preparation?

Greg Wootton: I'll watch my opponents previous fights to see his style, strengths and weaknesses. Then my camp and I will discuss a game plan and strategy to fight them and work specific techniques accordingly. I don't believe in over analysis though, in that you need to fight your fight and focus on what I will do rather than what they will do.

MTA: What does your typical training camp consist of?

Greg Wootton: Training camp consists if twice daily training, pad work, technical drills, sparring, clinching running and conditioning. It's a mixture of traditional Thai training, with some specific strength and conditioning work to supplement. 

MTA: How familiar are you with Yamato?

Greg Wootton: I've know and have watched Yamato for a few years since he won the K1 63kg title a few years ago. He has fought many of the best fighters out there at this weight and notable wins of Kevin Ross and Saggetdao show his level. He is very tough and a warrior so I am preparing for this.

MTA: In what areas do you feel you hold advantages over Yamato?

Greg Wootton: I think I may be slightly taller so I have some reach advantage. Yamato comes from more of a K1 back ground so perhaps I may be stronger in the clinch however despite the K1 experience he is dangerous with elbows.

MTA: In both his fights with Ross for Lion Fight he has been able to cause some serious cuts with those elbows and has had a decent amount of wins by cut stoppage. Are there any steps you can take to avoid getting cut or your corner might take to ensure they can stop a cut from bleeding too much?

Greg Wootton: Both the fights with Kevin Ross were absolute wars. There were a lot of elbows traded by both sides and it was Kevin that came of worse. As for avoiding cuts it depends upon what you do in the fight and whether I will stand and trade elbows. I like to use elbows too so it depends on how the fight plays out and the openings that occur. It will definitely be an area of his to be aware of.

MTA: Are you a full time fighter or do you have a day job?

Greg Wootton: I train and fight full time earning money by personal training and coaching. 

MTA: What was the reason you began training Muay Thai?

Greg Wootton: I began training Muay Thai initially to keep fit, no great aspirations to fight. Then I was enjoying learning and improving and after the first competition I really liked training for a goal and the challenge of it. I just kept training and fighting and every time I needed to make a decision career or study wise I followed my heart and passion and that was Muay Thai.

MTA: This will be your second fight in the USA and your first for Lion Fight. For fans in America that might not be familiar with you, how would you describe your fight style and what can they expect to see from you come fight time?

Greg Wootton: Yes I fought on the second Muay Thai in America show a few years back. I would say I'm a high tempo technical fighter. Others may say different haha. I'd like to think I am a technical fighter who can adjust. Fans can expect a exciting fight as I am coming to win and know that Yamato is not going to give up his title lightly.

MTA: A question that is common to all strikers whether they fight Muay Thai or Kickboxong. Is MMA in your future?

Greg Wootton: I'm a Muay Thai fighter and always will be. I love the sport as there as several integral elements such as respect and honour that set it apart from other fight sports and martial arts and make it special.

MTA: How would you describe the Muay Thai scene in the UK?

Greg Wootton: Muay Thai in the UK is flourishing. There are some massive shows happening regularly such as promotions by Muay Thai Grand Prix and Yokkao. There is also a generation of fighters growing up now who have so much talent and experience from a great competition circuit for juniors. There will be a lot of future champions from the UK.

MTA: As a fighter are you still a fan of watching fights and if so who are some of your favorites?

Greg Wootton: As I get closer to my own fight I probably watch less fights. Training twice a day, personal training and coaching means that most of my waking hours are occupied with Muay Thai so it's important to switch off from that sometimes. When I'm not close to fights I like to watch different fighters like Nong-O, Andy Ristie, Petroysan, Joseph Vallentini and boxing. I really like the all access HBO 24/7 build up shows to big fights in boxing.

MTA: Outside of Muay Thai what are some of the things you like to occupy your time with?

Greg Wootton: Outside of training I like to travel when I can. This can be difficult taking time out from training. I mostly try to see family and friends in spare time as I sacrifice my social life for training and fighting. 

MTA: Any plans beyond this fight already set?

Greg Wootton: I'm on the verge of sorting some exciting fights for next year but before then I'm planning to go travelling over the Christmas period when things get quiet work wise. Going to South America.

MTA: Any words for supporters?

Greg Wootton: Thanks to everyone who's followed and supported me this far. This fight is set to be a war so keep watching!
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