Thursday, November 5, 2015

Interview with Tommy Cyborg Wallace

Tommy Wallace is a French Muay Thai fighter who delivered an awesome spinning elbow knockout recently that has gone viral online. Tommy is an explosive character and we were able to talk to him a bit about his career and life outside the ring. If you have not seen the KO of Tommy’s that has gone viral you can watch it below at the 7:35 mark.

MTA: How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you start training? 

Tommy Wallace: First off I’m sorry for my English, it isn't perfect. I’m a French fighter, Tom Alex Wallace but people call me Cyborg. I seriously started Muay Thai in 2009, it was late for me but when I was younger my mom didn’t want me boxing because I fought every week at school. 

MTA: What is your pro record and what gym do you represent? 

Tommy Wallace: I Have 46 Fights, 33 wins, 17 Kos, and 3 Draws. I’m French champion 2009, European champ 2013. A lot of my fights were in Muay Thai or K1 but I have also fought in Chinese Boxing and American Boxing too. I represent Muay Thai at team Lions Thai, now I’m a personal trainer and I train myself at Ring Side which is F.Pinca's and M.Piscitello's Gym and I work for my own trainer's team Sport n Smile!

MTA: Your video of that amazing spinning elbow has gone viral. When you were in that moment was the spinning elbow something you practiced over and over to use in the ring or was it simply spur of the moment when you saw the opening? 

Tommy Wallace: I don’t train the spinning elbow a lot, but I saw and was able to analyze in the first round the timing for it, and that was a very good moment. 

MTA: When you started training did you plan on going pro? 

Tommy Wallace: Not at all. I liked martial arts, I thinked Muay Thai was the best but I just wanted to try, like a game but after one month of training I wanted to take a fight. 

MTA: If you could fight any fighter your next fight who would it be? 

Tommy Wallace: I think maybe all my opponents have more experience than me but I know when I’m seriously prepared I can fight everybody. I know I’m not the best but I can fight with them and may win by knock out, in my weight I’m never afraid of an opponent I just want to know if it’s an big event and how much money I am getting paid and the rest is details. 

MTA: When do you have your next fight scheduled and against who? 

Tommy Wallace: I have many fights proposed but not sure so I’m waiting for more interesting things. 

MTA: How would you describe yourself to people? 

Tommy Wallace: They don’t recognize me because in life I just like joke and I dislike violence. 

MTA: So how hard is it to go from joking to trying to hurt your opponent in the ring, is that switch difficult? 

Tommy Wallace: The switch is automatic, I know boxing is not a game and if I don’t knock out my opponent he can do it to me. 

MTA: What do you think is your biggest strength as a fighter? 

Tommy Wallace: If you talk about my advantage in fight, for sure it’s my power. I need more experience to become a very technical fighter but now I have my power and an original style of fighting. 

MTA: Is Muay Thai your full time job or do you have a day job, if so what is it? 

Tommy Wallace: I leave in France and Muay Thai can't be a full time job here, but I am also a sports coach and personal trainer 

MTA: What can fight fans expect to see from you in the future? 

Tommy Wallace: For my fans I just can say thank ya all don’t stop to share my fights from YouTube for all the world to discover me and I wish continue the Cyborg’s Story. A movie on my boxing life is in development with a lot of French stars of Muay Thai. 

MTA: Any words for your supporters? 

Tommy Wallace: Big Thanks to all my supporters, Sponsors and my family I want give the best for you, thanks to god. Big thanks to MT Authority too and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in real life. 
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