Monday, November 16, 2015

Julio Pena talks upcoming Lion Fight 26 bout with Tim Amorim

Julio Pena is set to fight Tim Amorim at this week's Lion Fight 26 event. Pena, who works as a Sheriff's Deputy will be looking to earn another big win under Lion Fight. We were able to catch up with Julio and talk about the upcoming bout against Amorim and discuss his how he manages his day job and his professional fight career, his training and more.

MTA: Big fight against Tim Amorim coming up at Lion Fight 26, how familiar are you with Tim?

Julio Pena: Yea, I fought Tim as an amateur about 6 years ago! I saw his fight against Tom and Pedro. I know he's very technical. It'll be a fun and exciting fight to watch.

MTA: Can you tell us about your training camp, what it consists of?

Julio Pena: Training has been great. Pad work, running, the usual. Was able to get some work in with Justin Greskiewicz from Stay Fly Muay Thai and Ben Peak whose on the same card!

MTA: How important is it for you to study tape on your opponents and is it something you use to set your game plan?

Julio Pena: I just watch a little bit of tape. I focus on what I can control and that's my training and my physical preparation. The reason for that is that my opponent on tape appears to be a certain way and then he's different once we are in the ring. 

MTA: For fight fans that might not be familiar with you how did you get started in Muay Thai and how long have you been training?

Julio Pena: I started back in 2007 after I saw my close friend and corner in his 1st fight. After that night I said I want to do that, and that was it! Been training and fighting for 8 years now.

MTA: Where do you feel you will hold advantages over Tim in this fight?

Julio Pena: My aggression and ability to adjust round to round! My power could also be an advantage.

MTA: Is fighting your full time profession or like most fighters is it something you do on the side to your every day job?

Julio Pena: I actually have a full time job. I work for the Suffolk County Sheriff's Dept. +40 hrs a week. Not easy, takes a lot of time management skills.

MTA: Time management between your job and preparing adequately for a fight has to be difficult. How do manage both a professional fighting career and your job for the Sheriff's department? 

Julio Pena: Ha ha, its not easy to say the least! Its constant schedule manipulation. I can't control my job or my work schedule so I usually make changes to my training schedule. So far its worked out awesome, because I have a great team that helps me out!!

MTA: Working for the Sheriff's department seems it can definitely help you in the ring and being a fighter seems like it might help you in your day job. Have you noticed any intertwining advantages?

Julio Pena: Absolutely! It works both ways, they compliment each other! At work you have that never give up attitude because if you give up you may not go home after your shift, and I bring that same mentality into the ring. When I'm at work my discipline and training helps me de-escalate situations that can escalate!
MTA: Muay Thai is clearly going very well for you. Why Muay Thai over any other combat sports, MMA, BJJ, Boxing etc?

Julio Pena: I subconsciously made Muay Thai the priority. Not sure why, kind of just happened. I'm glad it did! 

MTA: Not looking past Tim, but do you already have you eyes set on anyone else in the division you would like to fight next?

Julio Pena: No, I never look past my next fight. I always keep my focus on my upcoming opponent. If i think about anything past my next fight it is how I'm gonna spend time with my wife and family! My R&R!

MTA: Who are some of the favorite fighters in Muay Thai?

Julio Pena: John Wayne Parr, he's an amazing, multi-talented, multi-skilled fighter. He's fought the best in the world. I admire his attitude, he's happy to share the ring with his competitors. He has fun, enjoys what he does, and respects the art. I try to be the same.

MTA: Where do you see yourself in the next few years as far as Muay Thai goes?

Julio Pena: I never try to look past my next fight. I take it one fight at a time. Where I'll be in a few years I have no clue, I leave all that up to my (coach) Kru Bill Newcomb & my (management team) Prime Elite Management; all I know is that I'm feeling great and I'm having fun!!

MTA: Any words for your supporters? 

Julio Pena: I want to thank my wife, I seriously would not be able to do this without Aimee's unconditional love and support. My Kru and best friend thanks for always pushing and believing in me. To my team, trainers/training partners/students for helping me prepare and keeping me ready. All the gyms that welcome me to cross train there. To Prime Elite Management (a division of Prime Athletics Corporation) thank you for making life easier and all the work that you put in. Thank you to Prime Athletics partners: Northeast Financial Strategies and The Patino Diet. Thank you to my sponsors, The Fairmount Grille (81 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park 02136), The Fill-a-Buster Restaurant (142 Bowdoin St. Boston, MA 02108), X-ion-X ( and Clean Eats ( for believing and supporting me. To my friends and family, and fans thank you for the support!!!
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