Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simon Chu: The Marksman

by Daniel Stewart
The cool night air breeze flows, the target enters his line of sight. Concealed in his hide site with his finger on his L115A1 the sniper calmly awaits for his line of site to clear. Once the green light is given all it takes is one shot with his devastating accuracy. It is amazing what a small bullet can do. The speed, power and accuracy all combine to take out the target in devastating fashion.

Simon Chu looks to use his blend of speed , power and accuracy when he faces Ky Hollenbeck for the interim WBC Muay Thai middleweight world title on August 20th at Lion Fight Promotions "Battle in the Desert 3". Hollenbeck has gained much acclaim after earning his WBC Muay Thai world title shot by defeating Vuyisile Colossa and then capturing the interim WBC Muay Thai world title by defeating Gregory Choplin. For Hollenbeck the real tests begin now that he is the champion. With a target on his back he is now set to try and make his first title defense and Chu looks to be the one to dethrone him.

Chu fights out of KiatphontipUK Muay Thai Boxing School in Leeds, England and is the number one ranked middleweight in the UK. Chu has been training Muay Thai since the age of seven, though he has been training martial arts as far back as he could remember. His father taught him the basics of Chinese Kung Fu. Chu fell in love with Muay Thai and wanted to fight. Fast forward to present day and Chu is on the brink of capturing the WBC Muay Thai world title.

It is one thing to want to fight, but that doesn't necessarily translate to success. Chu knew he had all of the tools to be a successful fighter when he was in his teens and started to win most of his bouts by KO.

"I realized that I could become something special in my teens when I started to end most of my bouts by KO." said Chu.

With 29 wins under his belt, Chu has ended 17 of them by KO. Despite having almost 60% of his wins come via KO, what is most impressive of Chu is that he is a technical fighter. Many fighters who possess KO power are not as technically sound as they should be; Chu, however, possesses the technique and power necessary to become anyone's worst nightmare in the ring. Fast hands and brutal leg kicks by Chu are sure to present issues for Hollenbeck in the ring, but the one shot KO power he posses will probably be the biggest x-factor in the fight.

Hollenbeck possesses a very unorthodox style which he successfully blends with his aggressiveness in the ring. Chu is well aware of this style, but feels his experience, power, and speed will be the defining factors in the fight.

"The advantages that I posses are my experience and of course my power and speed." said Chu. "I have finished most of my fights by KO but I don't look for it; I fight the way I fight and if it happens, then it happens."

Perhaps Chu's biggest asset is how he uses his power and speed. Rather than go in attempting to load up on every punch and knock his opponents head off, Chu uses his technique. It is important not to compromise technique for power and Chu is one of the few fighters who can focus on technique and still posses the power in his strikes to end a fight. Despite Hollenbeck being able to stifle Gregory Choplin's technical prowess with his aggressiveness at Lion Fight Promotions "Battle in the Desert 2" it will be difficult to do the same to Chu. You might even call it foolish to simply charge at Chu and try to prevent him from implementing his powerful leg kicks or using his hands. All it takes is the smallest opening, and like an elite sniper with one shot, Chu can make you pay.

Power and technique are a deadly combination in Muay Thai and Chu has the poison. Will it be enough to put Hollenbeck down for good and walk away the new WBC Muay Thai world champion? We will find out August 20th when Chu and Hollenbeck clash at Lion Fight Promotions "Battle in the Desert 3".
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