Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get to know Andrew "King Cobra" Tate

Andrew “King Cobra” Tate (@CobraTate) has been flying under the radar of American fans for quite sometime. An American from Chicago who relocated to England, he fights out of Storm Gym in Luton. He is one of the top cruiserweights in the UK and an ISKA champion. He will be fighting at the finals of the reality series Enfusion in December. Tate definitely doesn’t lack personality and says what's on his mind. He was kind enough to do an interview with Muay Thai Authority, and as you can see, he is just as entertaining in this as he is deadly in the ring.

Before reading the interview, check out Andrew Tate’s fight against Joe McGovern at The Main Event in England:

MTA: Andrew you are one of top fighters in the UK in your weight class, but you're an American. How long have you been residing in the UK and what prompted the move over there?

Andrew: I’ve lived in the UK for 10 years. James Bond was from England so I thought it was the right move to make.

MTA: When can fans expect to see you back in action?

Andrew: Fans will see me in the Enfusion final December 2nd. I will win.
MTA: While you were fighting on the Enfusion series you became friends with Eddie Walker. He has a big fight against Joe Schilling coming up -- what do you think about that fight?

Andrew: Eddie Walker hits hard. I haven’t seen too much of Joe but I’ve heard on the grapevine he’s a pansy and he’s ugly. I have no reason to doubt my sources. I hope Eddie smashes him up.

MTA: Is there anyone in particular that you have your sights set on fighting?

Andrew: I want to fight Batman to prove he can be beaten.

MTA: What was the reason you got into kickboxing?

Andrew: I started kickboxing because I was bored. I became the best easily. I barely train I just sit around at the gym making fun of others. I’m gifted.

MTA: Being that you are based in the UK now and have been for quite some time, do you represent the US or the UK when you fight?

Andrew: I want to represent the USA when I fight. I was born and bred with the stars and stripes baby.

MTA: Do you have any plans of coming back to the US?

Andrew: I visit the US quite often but that’s usually to walk around with no top on so the girls can admire the world’s best body.

MTA: Now exactly what techniques would you employ to defeat Batman and do you have a plan in case Robin shows up to help him?

Andrew: Beating batman would not be easy. I spent 450 years atop wudan mountain practicing crane style and integrating it with the cobra fist before I developed the killer technique. It’s only by channeling all my chi into dim mak that he could be defeated. Robins a pussy I’d just bitch slap him.

MTA: 5 years from now where would you like your kickboxing career to be?

Andrew: In 5 years I want to be so rich I dont even know what kickboxing is. I want to be out of my head on street drugs and alcohol surrounded by women I can’t deserve, cars others can’t afford and with absolutely no responsibilities what so ever.

MTA: Is MMA in your future at all or any other combat sport such as boxing? MMA seems to be getting pretty popular in England.

Andrew: I’ve had 4 cage fights and won them all. But I hit too hard for my own good and keep breaking my hands. So I’m gonna stick to kickboxing.

I’m the king of England.
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