Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Challenger Muaythai blog - Antoine Pinto part 2

by Antoine Pinto
For the quarter-finals the last eight boxers were divided into two teams of four, I was chosen first to face Faizal. In matters of pure boxing it was not a difficult fight for me because Faizal is not as technical of a fighter as I am and he does not have my experience, but Faizal is physically very strong and in addition to that he is the national hero in Malaysia and during the fight he would have a whole nation was behind him.

Faizal is a loyal friend and a boxer ... it was hard to face someone who has been on my team. I'd rather have him on my team and have to face him later in the competition than having to fight him first in the quarter-finals.

In round 1 Faizal put pressure and lead with elbows, but they weren't very hard. In round 2 he used the same technique, but I managed to make him lose his balance in the clinch. In rounds 3 and 4 I knew he would keep going because he had the entire crowd behind him, I opted to fight using kicks and straight knees. Faizal didn't like the clinch and I was beating him in the clinch each round. In round 5, Faizal was beaten and exhausted so I accelerated the pace and a high kick landed and sent Faizal to the ground . I ended with a sequence of punches which helped me score a TKO.

I'm very happy with the result because I proved that I can be in the final square versus the best fighters of the world. I was also happy because of the experience and that I was able to control my emotions and stay calm under pressure in a stadium 100% against me with spectators and hostile fanatics.

I am proud for my boxing school, for my family and for the French flag .At the same time I am sad for my friend Faizal, but it's the law of the sport.

P.S. I hope the same thing for my French friend Cedric Muller .
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