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Updated North America P4P Rankings 3/3/2012

There are no new entrants into the pound for pound rankings, but a lot of action since the last update. The big moves this time out are that Romie Adanza jumps into the first spot after his win over Tomonori Sato in Japan and Simon Marcus jumps into the second spot after his win over Joe Schilling.

1. Romie Adanza (13-2)
Adanza how started fighting in his own weight class now after years of fighting up in weight to be able to get opponents. He recently scored a stoppage of Tomonori Sato in Japan at Kick to the Future 1 to capture the WBC international title. Adanza has a solid game all around, but his hands and his aggression are unmatched. It will be interesting to see how things fare for Adanza against some of the top Thai’s in his weight class. He has already proven he can be the top fighters from other countries and his recent dismantling of Sato proved that. Adanza’s next bout is currently up in the air.

2. Simon Marcus (24-0)
After a win in China this past December, Simon Marcus agreed to fight Joe Schilling at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5”, in what quickly became the most anticipated fight that Muay Thai has seen in North America. Marcus scored a (T)KO victory over Schilling in the first round after a throw by Marcus wobbled Schilling. Marcus followed up with a huge left hook that floored Schilling, after answering the count a teep to the face and an elbow put Schilling down again and the fight was stopped. The throw by Marcus has been brought up for debate by Schilling and his camp, as well as a few fans. An appeal has been filed, but until a decision is made the ruling stands as a (T)KO victory for Marcus. A re-match has been agreed to by both fighters verbally, but the date for that is still to be determined. Marcus is set to fight Kaoklai Kaennorsing on March 16th and then has a fight in China scheduled in April.

3. Ky Hollenbeck (13-1-1)
After suffering the first loss of his career in November against Nieky Holzken, Hollenbeck was set to get back in the ring and take on Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr. Unfortunately, Parr was unable to fight after he injured his hand. Young Australian Kym Johnson was brought in to replace Parr, but three weeks before the bout Hollenbeck pulled out. The reasoning behind the withdrawal is unknown and currently Hollenbeck’s next fight is unknown.

4. Joe Schilling (12-2)
After scoring a huge knockout victory over Kaoklai, Schilling took on Canada’s Simon Marcus. The ruling that night was a (T)KO victory for Simon Marcus, but Schilling has filed a formal appeal trying to have the result over turned to a no contest. Schilling’s claim that Marcus used an illegal throw which dazed him will be heard by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in the coming weeks. Both fighters have already verbally agreed to re-match. If the re-match does come to fruition then that will likely be Schilling’s next fight.

5. Matt Embree (20-3)
After winning the Journey Fight Series 140lb tournament in 2010, Embree started his 2011 campaign by settling some unfinished business with Coke Chunhawat. After having split two fight fights with Chunhawat, the rubber match took place at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” on February 25th. Embree out pointed Chunhawat to earn a unanimous decision victory and win the interim WBC Muay Thai international title. Embree is rumored to be fighting Kevin Ross in April next, although nothing is confirmed yet.

6. Kevin Ross (17-8)
Ross has continuously shown he isn't afraid to step into the ring with the best in the world and after his fight against Saenchai he stepped into the ring with current Lumpinee champion Sakkedao. The fight didn't go exactly the way Ross would have liked as a cut stopped the fight after the third round, giving the win to Sakkedao. After winning the 2010 Muay Thai Authority fighter of the year award, 2011 has been some what of a rough year for Ross. You can't ignore the fact that Ross is fighting world class competition, but he is now 1-3 on the year with his only win coming back in May against Mark DeLuca. The next move for Ross is unknown, but he did express interest in returning to Thailand if he can't find a fight in December. Despite moving down in the rankings, Ross is still one of the best in North America. After having two fights fall through Ross is still waiting for his first bout of 2012.

7. Joseph Valtellini (5-0)
The young Canadian fighter has started to make a name for himself in North America. His latest victim was formerly #9 ranked fighter Alex Berrios. Valtellini took the fight to Berrios on September 23rd under the Friday Night Fights banner and battered Berrios for two rounds. Punishing Berrios with leg kicks, which caused Berrios to not be able and answer the bell after the second round. It was a dominating performance for the young Canadian who is looking to continue to build his name among the best in North America. Valtellini is currently set to take on former WBC national champion Shawn Yarborough on March 9th in New York.

8. Jesse Miles (14-3)
Miles recently scored an exciting knockout victory over Wattana Sit Jor at the Jawbreaker 3 event in Canada. The win followed his run on the TV reality show “The Challenger Muaythai”. Currently Miles next fight is still to be determined, although in the last year he has taken some high profile fights and fans shouldn’t be surprised if that happens once again.

9. Chaz Mulkey (8-5)
Mulkey scored a decisive decision win over the UK’s Simon Chu in November, but recently dropped a decision to France’s Gregory Choplin at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5”. Although not the outcome Mulkey was looking for against Choplin, he remains one of North America’s top Muay Thai practitioners. Mulkey is currently rumored to be fighting in Thailand this upcoming April, although under what promotion and who is still to be determined.

10. Josh Palmer (38-17)
Palmer was considered one of the favorites to win the Siam Warriors eight man tournament in Cork, Ireland. Palmer was matched up with another tournament favorite, Panicus Yousf in the opening round and dropped a decision. The tournament bouts were three rounds only, and Palmer came on strong after the first two round so it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if it was a five round bout. Palmer’s next bout is unknown, but he has expressed interest in fighting Kevin Ross in the past.

Rankings qualification - Fighters born in North America are eligible. North America will include fighters from the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Rankings are based on P4P. Fighters are not to be inactive for any period longer than 6 months or they will be dropped from the rankings unless a fight is schedule within a month from the date they become ineligible.
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