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Glory 9 Results and Recap: Tyrone Spong Wins Light Heavyweight Tournament

Glory 9 took place last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY. The inaugural Glory event in the United States featured and eight man light heavyweight tournament. Tyrone Spong was the heavy favorite coming into the tournament and Danyo Ilunga was considered by many to be the man to challenge Spong for the tournament crown. As expected Spong and Ilunga met in the tournament final.
Spong had a scare in his first fight of the tournament as he was knocked down by Michael Duut immediately as their bout started, but moments later after getting back to his feet he delivered a crushing right hand that ended the fight thirty seconds in. Ilunga won his first bout by unanimous decision over Mourad Bouzidi. In the tournament semi-finals both Spong and Ilunga won by unanimous decision to advance to the finals. Spong defeating Filip Verlinden and Ilunga defeated Dustin Jacoby.

Fans were expecting a barn burner in the tournament finale between Spong and Ilunga, but instead were treated to an anticlimactic ending. As the fight began both fighters met in the center of the ring and Spong unloaded a flurry and Ilunga covered up, the referee jumped in and stopped the fight in what was clearly a premature stoppage. Ilunga was not happy with the stoppage and protested as fans in attendance let out a chorus of boos at the referee's decision. With the stoppage Spong sealed the deal and won the Glory light heavyweight tournament and the $200,000 grand prize.

Daniel Ghita and Brice Guidon met in a super fight and it took Ghita less than one minute to score a devastating knockout. Both fighters started off exchanging leg kicks but Ghita was able to corner Guidon and began to unload punches to the body. Guidon was covering up and eventually tried to punch his way out but that left an opening for a crushing left hook from Ghita. Guidon hit the canvas and the fight was waived off by the referee immediately. With the win Ghita ends a two fight skid, while Guidon has now lost three consecutive fights.

Joseph Valtellini welcomed Road to Glory USA welterweight tournament winner Francois Ambang to Glory with vicious leg kicks. After a close first round in which both fighters landed solid combinations and leg kicks, Valtellini took control in the second round. He seemed to have Ambang hurt on more than one occasion near the end of the second round. In the third round Valtellini continued to land his crisp combinations followed by leg kicks and it became evident that Ambang's leg was injured. Valtellini smelled the blood like a shark and went on the attack knocking Ambang down with some nasty low kicks. Ambang was able to get back to his feet but could not walk towards the referee and the fight was called. Another impressive victory for Valtellini who has won three straight fights and is now 2-0 fighting for Glory.

Mike Lemaire came into his fight with Wayne Barrett on a an eight fight win streak including winning the  Road to Glory USA middleweight tournament. On paper Lemaire was easily the favorite having 8 pro fights to Barrett's one, but that was on paper. Wayne Barrett looked phenomenal with great foot work in the ring. In the first round he scored a standing eight count over Lemaire and int he second round he knocked Lemaire down with a knee. Lemaire tried to press forward but could not connect with anything as Barrett was in and out of range in a heart beat. A left hook from Barret rocked Lemaire and he went down face first. The referee halted the action giving Barrett the victory. An amazing performance by Wayne Barrett.


Light Heavyweight Tournament Finals
Tyrone Spong def. Danyo Ilunga via (T)KO at 0:16 of Rd. 1

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi-finals

Danyo Ilunga def. Dustin Jacoby via Unanimous Decision
Tyrone Spong def. Filip Verlinden via Unanimous Decision

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals
Tyrone Spong def. Michael Duut via KO at 0:31 of Rd. 1
Filip Verlinden def. Steve McKinnon via Split Decision
Dustin Jacoby def. Brian Collette via Split Decision
Danyo Ilunga def. Mourad Bouzidi via Unanimous Decision

Super Fights
Rico Verhoeven def. Errol Zimmerman via Unanimous Decision
Daniel Ghita def. Brice Guidon via KO at 0:49 of Rd. 1
Anderson Silva def. Daniel Sam via Unanimous Decision
Joseph Valtellini def. Francois Ambang via (T)KO (Leg Kicks) at 1:24 of Rd. 3
Wayne Barrett def. Mike Lemaire via KO at 1:12 of Rd. 2

Brett Hlavacek def. Paul Marfort via Unanimous Decision
Robert Plotkin def. Casey Greene via (T)KO at 1:16 of Rd 1
Andrea DeAngelo def. Laura Byrnds via Unanimous Decision
Andrew Ball def. James Smith via KO at 1:34 of Rd. 3
Chris Mauceri def. Niko Tsigaras via Unanimous Decision
Nick Pace def. Levan Makashvili via Split Decision
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