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Spencer Grekoski talks upcoming fight with Kris Lindsay at USKA Fight Night

Spencer Grekoski is one of North America's up and coming Muay Thai stars. He made his pro debut in late 2014 with a huge KO victory over veteran Chris Kwiatkowski. Spencer will be fighting Kris Lindsay on February 7th at USKA Fight Night and will once again be looking to score a stoppage victory.

Spencer was kind enough to sit down with Muay Thai Authority and talk about his big win against Kwiatkowski, his upcoming fight against Lindsay and few other things.

MTA: You are fighting Kris Lindsay Feb 7th. How has training for the fight been going?

Spencer: The training for this fight has been great! I'm feeling strong and very sharp! Luckily I'm able to train twice a day right now so I will be in great shape. Usually lighter pad rounds in the morning with some strength training and a run, bags, pads and clinching in the afternoon.

MTA: You made a successful pro debut in late 2014. How was it knocking out a respected vet like Chris Kwiatkowski for your pro debut?

Spencer: Oh man that was an amazing feeling! All the hard work me and my trainer Chris Tran put in for the fight paid off. I'm very lucky to have such a great trainer who sacrifices a lot to make sure that when I step into the ring I'm 100% ready.

MTA: How has training or fight preparation changed from that fight to this one?

Spencer: Honestly no different at all. I train the same for every fight that I have.

MTA: How familiar are you with Kris Lindsay as a fighter?

Spencer: I'm not really familiar with him. I think he's a Kickboxer. I'm just trying to fight as much as possible to gain experience. But I would really like to face top level guys.

MTA: When you train are you looking to implement a particular game plan come fight night or is it just all around training?

Spencer: Not really. We just train hard and let it play out in the ring. Because in my opinion you can't really count on videos you have seen of previous fights because he's not fighting you. So it will be different.

MTA: Can you tell fans a little bit about your background. How you got started in Muay Thai etc.?

Spencer: I got into Muay Thai by just seeing some clips online of the fights from the 1990s which was the golden era and wanted to check it out. It helped because before I got involved in the gym was getting in trouble and hanging out with the wrong group of people. Once I walked into Weapons 9 I was hooked and never looked back.
MTA: How is Chris Tran as a trainer?

Spencer: Chris Tran and Joe Pelligrino have been my trainers since I started and will be until I finish. I literally owe them everything. Chris trains me in the mornings and gets to the gym early to give me more pad rounds before class. Even if he's sick, tired, or very busy he always goes out of his way for me. I work on my hands a lot with Joe who has great boxing and really helps me get my mental game on point before I go into the ring. I have the best team and trainers I could ask for. Miguel Mayorga also helps me whenever I need help.

MTA: Who are some of your favorite fighters in Muay Thai?

Spencer: I have a few, Liam Harrison, Pornsanae Sitmonchai, Boonlai, and Thepnimit Sitmonchai. I just like the aggression and power in their shots. Boonlai was so slick and smart in thing ring.

MTA: If you could face any opponent who would it be?

Spencer: Honesty I have no one I want to face in particular. But first I want to fight high level opponents in North America and see where it goes from there.

MTA: Can we get a prediction for your fight?

Spencer: The fight won't go the distance. TKO/KO round 2 via head kick or a cut is what I'm looking for

MTA: Spencer any words for your supporters?

Spencer: Just want to thank everyone who supports me and comes to see me fight! I would also like to thank Sok Sai Muay Thai for always making sure I have the best fight shorts and my sponsors at Apollon Nutrition.

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