Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jason Andrada talks upcoming pro debut at Lion Fight 8

Jason Andrada has made his name on the American amateur circuit by not only winning his fights, but being involved in highly entertaining bouts. On January 25th at Lion Fight 8 in Las Vegas he will be making his pro debut. Jason will be fighting Thiago Azeredo in about that is sure to be nothing but excitement from start to finish. Jason was kind enough to answer a few questions for Muay Thai Authority.

MTA: You have your pro debut against Thiago Azeredo at Lion Fight 8. What prompted you to turn pro?

Jason: Over 6yrs as an amateur having 26 fights I think it’s time to start my pro career and start getting paid for what I do. Plus a dozen people asking me after each fight when I am going to make the jump, the answer is now

MTA: How familiar are you Thiago, have you seen him fight?

Jason: I have never met this guy personally nor have I seen him fight. I believe his last fight was around early 2011. Really the only Sitan guys I know of are Rami, John Nofer (who I fought mid 2012) and Ahmed. But I know the Sitan gyms always come for a fight which is awesome!

MTA: What do you think will be your biggest adjustment you have to make now that you are fighting pro?

Jason: Probably the biggest adjustment turning pro would be the level of technique and experience with elbows. Now being able to fight with elbows and not just train them, kind of makes you focus more on the clinch game. The extra minute in the round shouldn’t be a big deal tho.

MTA: Has your training changed at all?

Jason: Yeah, I’m training more since I quit my 9-5. I figure I put so much into getting here I might as well go all out. Other than that I always work hard for each fight and Kru Jong (my trainer) always gets me ready

MTA: As an amateur you were always involved in exciting fights. Mentally how do you get yourself ready to go out there and make sure you entertain the crowd like you do?

Jason: Glad to know you think my fights are exciting. My main goal and what I think about is that I’m going to entertain the f**k outta you! From my training, teaching at the gym I work at (fight capital), choosing the walkout song, and the fight itself my goal is to hype the crowd. If it wasn’t for them we’d be out of a job also my second goal I to go for the fight of the night, but that’s really freaking tough with the awesome cards Scott and Christine put on.

MTA: What can fans expect to see from you in our pro debut?

Jason: An action packed fight, that’s what! I always come to put on a show, for my family, my girlfriend/friends, my gym, my team, and the fans!

MTA: You're big into food. What is the one food out indulge in after your fight?

Jason: I LOVE SUSHI! So it’s become a tradition to go to AYCE sushi after my fight with my girlfriend and friends. So if anyone wants to roll with hit me up! Then Ayce Brazil Steakhouse and Chicago style deep dish pizza will follow the next two days lol.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Jason: HELLA DO IT!!!
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