Friday, May 31, 2013

Top 10 Knockouts

Muay Thai Authority started almost three years ago with the goal of providing coverage that was lacking for the North American Muay Thai scene. In that time there have been many spectacular moments, so we have decided to do a top ten list and our first is the top ten knockouts by North American fighters since we started covering the sports of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. The criteria we followed was simple, if the fighter was based in North America, had a spectacular knockout, and the fight was in North America then he was eligible.

Video was available online for six of the ten fights, although not all of it is the best quality. To watch the video of the fights available click on the match up. Make sure to let us know what you think of these KO's or if there is any KO you think should have made the list.
10. Simon Marcus vs. Sadibou Sy
Simon Marcus and Sadibou Sy met on December 1, 2012 in the main event of Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King. Everyone watching expected Marcus to come out on top and, despite Sy looking good in the first two rounds, Marcus was able to get inside in the third round and land two elbows that sent Sy to the canvas. The right-left-elbow combination was as clean as they come when it comes to landing an elbow combination.

9. Troy Sheridan vs. Deshawn Robinson
Troy Sheridan and Deshawn Robinson met in the semi-finals of the Battle of the Pros tournament in New York on September 13, 2012. Robinson started the fight off strong and seemed to have Sheridan in trouble early, but Sheridan kept calm and collected and took advantage of the right opportunity when it presented itself. Robinson got a little too confident and dropped his hands as a huge left from Sheridan came in and ended his night.
8. Joe Schiling vs. Brandon Banda
Joe Schilling promised that Brandon Banda would not make it out of the first round when they met August 20, 2011 at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 3” and he kept his word. After a brief feeling out process, Schilling began to find his range. Around the midway point of the first round, Schilling got inside and connected with a knee to the chin of Banda that put his lights out for good.
7. Ky Hollenbeck vs. Cyrus Washington
Ky Hollenbeck and Cyrus Washington fought on April 28, 2012 in San Francisco, CA for Legends, a San Franicisco based event. It didn’t take long for Hollenbeck to come out on top, as he applied the pressure early in the bout. After about a minute of action Hollenbeck connected with a spinning back fist that floored Washington and left him down face first on the canvas.
6. Romie Adanza vs. Thanit “Boom” Whattanaya
Romie Adanza and Thanit “Boom” Whattanaya met under the WCK Muay Thai banner on May 28, 2011 in Pala, CA. After two action packed back and forth rounds, Adanza was able to find the opening he needed to end the fight in the third round. Adanza started the third round with a flurry, but Whattanaya was more than willing to fire back. In the middle of a wild exchange, a left knee from Adanza clipped Whattanaya leaving him out cold.
5. Baxter Humby vs. Dominik Zidov (98 minutes into video)
Baxter Humby and Dominik Zidov met at the MPL’s inaugural event in Long Beach, CA on September 2, 2011. It took Humby less than two minutes to finish Zidov with a spinning back kick to the body that earned him a spot on ESPN’s top ten plays off the week.

4. Sheldon Gaines vs. Sam Poulton
Sheldon Gaines and Sam Poulton met in the final fight of Push Kick Promotions “World Stand Off” on March 2, 2013. Despite being the last fight of the night, those who stayed were treated to one hell of a knockout. After cutting Poulton early in the first round, Gaines then finished the fight in under a minute after a monstrous head kick sent Poulton crashing to the canvas.

3. Joseph Valtellini vs. Shawn Yarborough
Joseph Valtellini and Shawn Yarborough met in New York on March 9, 2012 under the Friday Night Fights banner. Yarborough was coming into the fight never having been stopped before. Valtellini would be the first to change that. After having knocked Yarborough down with a stiff right hand early in the first round, Valtellini cornered Yarborough and and landed a left hook that Yarborough out on his feet. Valtellini followed up with a vicious right uppercut to seal the deal and put Yarborough out for good.

2. Joey Pagliuso vs. Karlos Aldama
Joey Pagliuso and Karlos Adlama fought on May 16, 2013 at M-One “Reborn”. After a brief feeling out process, Pagliuso cornered Aldama and dropped with him some punches less than a minute into the first round. After the referee allowed the fight to continue, Pagliuso pounced on the wounded Aldama and connected with a vicious right hand that sent Aldama crashing out of the ropes and into unconsciousness. It was actually a scary scene afterwards, as Aldama had to be taken out on a stretcher, but ultimately was okay.

1. Eddie Walker vs. Joe Schilling
Eddie Walker's come from behind knockout of Joe Schilling takes the number one spot on our list. Coming into the bout on October 13, 2012 at Lion Fight 7 Eddie walker was mostly unknown to most of the Muay Thai and Kickboxing community outside of his home state of Georgia. Add the fact that Joe Schilling stated in a prefight interview that Eddie Walker was not ready to fight him and that he would not make it out of the first round, and you had all the makings of a Cinderella story. It seemed like things were going to go Schilling’s way early on, knocking Walker down with and elbow in both the first and second round, but Walker calmly got back to his feet each time to beat the referees count. Late in the second round, as Schilling tried to turn the pressure up, he backed Walker into the ropes. Walker avoided a punch from Schilling as he lunged forward and countered with a crisp and short right hand that shut out the lights of Schilling, as he crashed to the Canvas. Walker quickly cemented his name as one of North America’s heavy hitters.
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