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Victor Saravia talks upcoming Lion Fight 26 bout with John Nofer

Victor Saravia will be fighting John Nofer at Lion Fight 26 in Connecticut on November 20. The Californian will be looking to keep is perfect record in tact as he continues to amaze fight fans. His aggressive and exciting style have made him a fan favorite.

We were able to talk to Victor about his upcoming fight against Nofer, the importance of clearing his mind, and his recent switch to being vegan. Enjoy.

MTA: Victor you have a fight with John Nofer coming up at Lion FIght 26. Are you familiar with him as a fighter?

Victor Saravia: Yes I am fighting John Nofer. I am familiar with his style, yes I've seen a lot of his clips on YouTube . John Nofer is a really well rounded fighter he's fought though competition and has won . We both match perfectly.

MTA: You are currently undefeated, does keeping a zero in that loss column add more pressure or motivate you?

Victor Saravia: Me having a zero on my record does not put any pressure on me at all . Why because my goals is to go in the ring and win because I train super hard every fight. I don't take ANYONE lightly, everyone I fight is tough. So I don't feel pressure.

MTA: Can you describe what a typical fight training camp for you is like?

Victor Saravia: I train twice a day, run twice a day, and do my strength training and focus on getting my mind right.

MTA: Is fighting your full time profession or like many fighters do you have another job?

Victor Saravia: Yes fighting is my full time job right now.

MTA: Since turning pro you have been nothing but spectacular. What do you think it is that has made that transition from amateur to pro so smooth for you?

Victor Saravia: Just the confidence and the belief in my abilities and hard work.Taking care of what I call my body, my temple as well as my mind has helped me overcome any obstacle I come across.

MTA: This fight is in Connecticut which is closer to Nofer's hometown so he will probably have the crowd in his favor. How do you tune out the crowd come fight to me and does it ever affect you?

Victor Saravia: I don't mind the crowd, I'm pretty good at blocking everyone one out and going in the ring and doing my job. After the fight that's when I can hear everyone and hear the cheers. Everyone can cheer him on, I train to beat my opponent and to come out safe. The crowed and the celebration can be after the fight.

MTA: You mentioned taking care of your mind. The fight game is just as much mental as it is physical. What are some of the things you do to make your mind stronger?

Victor Saravia: Things I do to keep my mind sharp are I meditate every day. I'm vegan so that helps my mind be in harmony with my body too.

MTA: How long have you been vegan and what made you decide to go vegan?

Victor Saravia: I been vegan for about 5 months now. Reason why I went vegans is because it won't destroy our would and it hurt our animals. Second because I have more energy more power and more important keep mind in harmony with all my body.

MTA: How important do you think that dietary change is when you prepare for fights?

Victor Saravia: It's easy to cut weight begin vegan. I don't ever drag my self to the gym, if anything it keeps me wanting more. I recover faster it's just amazing what being vegan has done to my body and mind.

MTA: It seems Muay Thai is your primary focus, do you find it necessary to step away from Muay Thai at times and when you do what kind of things do you do?

Victor Saravia: Yes definitely, it's important to step away form the gym once in a while. Things I enjoy doing, I love being active I usually go to different hikes or to the beach. I go watch a movie or spend time with the family and girlfriend. Just catch up since when I have a scheduled fight it's hard for me to spend time with them.

MTA: Victor what are your goals that you wish to accomplish in the next few years?

Victor Saravia: My goals to accomplish in the next few years are to inspire the world that believing and having confidence can change your life and make your dreams a reality. To show people that you can change your life to something you love. To win titles to fight international to inspire those who need it. 

MTA: Can you tell us a little about your gym and your trainers?

Victor Saravia: Our gym is a family based gym with hard working fighter and trainers. We look out for each other. No body is above ANYONE everyone is treated equally..

MTA: Lastly any words for your supporters?

Victor Saravia: Chase your dreams weather it is fighting, being in the best shape, the best artist. Anything you CAN imagine comes true. I'll always have love for those who support me and those who don't.
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  1. I like this young man a lot. He's humble and tuff. Good read and good luck Victor.