Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 10 Head Kick KO's

Head kick knockouts are as exciting as it gets in combat sports. We have compiled a list of our top 10 head kick knockouts. With so many great head kick knockouts it is really hard to narrow the field down to 10. Let us know which head kick knockouts you think are the best and what KO's you would include in your top 10 list. We did not include any spinning kick KO’s as we are going to have a separate list for those and for the fight to make the list video need to be available.

10: Sheldon Gaines vs. Sam Poulton at PKP: World Stand Off 4
Great timing by Gaines to deliver a brutal head kick. The KO is enhanced by the way Poulton hits the canvas.

9. Ognjen Topic vs. Paowarit Sasiprapa at Lion Fight 9
You have to give credit to Paowarit for getting up as many times as he did, but Topic was just on point with is kicks and kept delivering them until Paowarit could no longer get up.

8. Yury Bessmertny vs. Gago Drago at Thai Boxe Mania 2012
As soon as this kick connects Bessmertny knows this fight is over. He creates just enough space to deliver the brutal blow on Drago.

7. Superlek Kiatmoo9 vs. Pornsanae Sitmonchai at Rajadamnern Stadium
Pornsanae is a beast in the ring but Superlek shows that on any given day when you have two high level fighters anything can happen. This was as straight forward as it gets nothing to set this up just a head kick delivered perfectly that Pornsanae was not expecting and he paid the price.

6. Pornsanae Sitmonchai vs Saksuriya Gaiyanghadao Lumpinee Stadium
This time on the opposite end of the KO, Pornsanae and Saksuriya are going letting their hands go before Pornsanae decides to switch it up and throw a head kick that pays off big.

5. Andy Souwer vs Hideya Tanaka at No Kick, No Life 2015
A great KO by Souwer, it shows that you don’t need much space need to last a devastating head kick. 

4. Andrei Kulebin vs. Petchasawin Seatranferry at Max Muay Thai 1
Kulebing counters perfectly with his head kick and delivers a massive head kick KO.

3. Suichi Wentz vs. Romie Adanza at K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Los Angeles
This KO by Wentz is enhanced by the way Adanza hits the floor and his leg twitches.

2. Saenchai vs. Gjilas Barache at Thai Fight
Saenchai is always s a showman and this fight shows why fans love him. A nice head kick KO with flair.

1. Artur Kyshenko vs. Vladimir Moravcik K-1 ColliZion 2009 Final Tournament
This is a great KO, just as Moravcik corners Kyshenko and it seems he might have an advantage, Kyshenko delivers a head kick to end the fight in what seems like tight quarters.
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