Monday, December 12, 2011

Victor Pinto talks about his upcoming fight at I-1 Muay Thai Grand Extreme 2011

Victor Pinto a.k.a. Leo Siangboxing is the younger brother of “The Challenger Muaythai’s” Antoine Pinto. Both Victor and Antoine will be fighting in Hong Kong and I-1 Muay Thai Grand Extreme 2011. Victor has had trouble getting fight in his usual weight class and is moving up in weight to fight Fung Kit Lo. Victor was gracious enough to take some time to talk to Muay Thai Authority about his upcoming fight and as well as his future.

MTA: You are fighting in Hong Kon at I-1 Extreme against Fung Kit Lo. He is a bigger fighter than you, how do you prepare when you know you are fighting a larger fighter?

Victor: Not a problem for me because I have more experience of hard fights in Thailand than him and I'm stronger and more technical.

MTA: He comes from a K-1 background; do you think this gives you a significant advantage since you fight full rules Muay Thai all the time?

Victor: Only the counts of judges are different. In the boxing ring my skills are better and for sure my opponent can be surprised. I hope my opponent has a big heart because I'm not coming in to play.

MTA: It has been difficult for you to find opponents in your weight class, have you considered making a permanent move up in weight to a different weight class?

Victor: That's the harder for me. I moved up in weight class three times this year already (114-118-122 pounds and today 125).

MTA: Why would you say it is hard for you to find opponents in your weight class?

Victor: Yes, it is difficult in Thailand at my level or not at the good weight and in occident all the fighters at my weight refuse to fight against me. I might move to Fighterzone World Series at -60kg next year.

MTA: You and your brother Antoine have been fighting for quite some time and are both still very young. What are your long term career plans?

Victor: I hope to have good fight opportunities in the future against the best fighters around of the world, but in my category they are Thai and the promoters protect them so that they can stay the champions. I want to have some fights in America-Canada-Quebec and give pleasure to North American people. Promote real Muaythai and give the taste to the young people.

MTA: Is there any fighters that you would like to fight in the upcoming year?

Victor: My friend John Wayne Parr, but I think he is too big for me...ha ha ha.

MTA: Finally can we get a prediction for your upcoming bout against Fung Kit Lo at the I-1 Extreme event?

Victor: If Fung Kit is standing at the end of the fight then it was a good performance for him!
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